leeli cycles - Bookings

Due to it being a busy period and there being a parts shortage, turnover times for servicing will be increased.

Terms and Conditions of Service

To make a booking, you must agree to the following statement by clicking the "I agree" link below...
We ask that all bicycles are reasonably Cleaned before being booked in, and that they are covered with insurance for loss, theft and damage and serial numbers registered. leeli cycles is covered with a limited contents and liability insurance.

Conditions of Servicing

I the customer, hereby authorizes the repair work hereinafter set forth with Hubtiger to be done along with the necessary material and agree that you are not responsible for loss or damage to vehicle or accessories (including lights and electrical/digital items, or parts being serviced left on vehicle in case of fire, theft or any other cause beyond your control or for any delays caused by unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments by supplier or transporter.

I accept that the date of required completion will not always be met and cannot be a guaranteed completion date, and that all dates given are only an estimation. I also accept that other labour costs and components may be required for the bike to function as seen fit by the mechanic, and to prevent the wear of connecting components when used again.

I accept that parts being serviced or repaired as part of the agreed service may become damaged or even broken during the servicing and testing process, and are only replaceable via manufacturer warranty or new parts replacement and cost of parts charged. I accept that replaced and damaged parts will be disposed of and not returned unless specifically asked to be retained.

I hereby grant you and/or your employees permission to operate the vehicle herein described on the streets or elsewhere for time during service with the purpose of testing and/or inspection.

Our Right to Refuse Service

leeli cycles reserves the right to suspend or terminate the continuance of a bicycle service at any time. Thi include reasons such as cycles and components that are not adequately cleaned and sanitised or maintained or modified to an unusable, unsafe or illegall riding condition before being brought it may be refused service. leeli cycles and our mechanicsw cannot accept responsibility for items and cycles that cannot be repaired due to incompatible parts on the bike. Any verbal abuse allows us the right to refuse sale or service, and continuation of service at any time.

Abandoned Bicycles
(cycles, parts and cycling equipment left uncollected with no payments repaired for a service):

All completed jobs on our system will automatically send a message to the given SMS and Email details collected when the service was booked. From this moment on it it’s the customer’s responsibility to maintain communication and arrange collection within a reasonable time after.

After 21 days of a completion or cancellation of service, or 60 days after non response for workorder authorisation request, payment request, or quote, all suspected abandoned cycle or cycle equipment remaining with us will be removed from the premises in to chargeable storage.

Any further communications will be the responsibility of the customer, and the customer must make contact to arrange a date and time for collection. Any items added to the cycle will remain the property of leeli cycles until it has been paid for and may be removed at any time if no payments and collections are made.
Replaced and Abandoned parts will be scrapped or recycled and will only be kept if requested in writing or specified in a Hubtiger workorder. No deposit refunds or pre paid labour, or any financial compensation for the value of the bike, accessories and parts will be offered or available.

If the abandoned bicycle/parts or equipment is/are in a state of disrepair it will be dismantled and disposed of to scrap metal.

If the cycle/parts or equipment is in good condition the bicycle will be held for a further 2 months, and a weekly storage charge of £20 will be added to the service bill. A weekly charge will be continually added to the service invoice until the bicycle is collected. by the service customer with the original service and the storage charge total is paid for.

After this period we reserve the right to sell or dismantle the abandoned property, or offer it to staff or a registered charity, and registered as abandoned with local police authorities at any time without communication. No compensation will be available to the service customer.

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